Bournemouth winger Arnaut Danjuma announced that he was arrested by police on suspicion of attempted assassination shortly before England went into lockdown, only to be released soon after when authorities realized that they had the wrong man.

The 23-year-old has experienced a difficult debut season in England, missing the first six games from Bournemouth through injury and then picking up a foot problem that has kept him sidelined from mid-December.

Even away from the pitch, it was a challenging year for Danjuma, who told The Sun that he had been falsely arrested in connection with a 16 March stabbing.

He began sharing the incident. He said: “I walked through the city and went to the Hilton to eat something. Suddenly, there was a police car there and two police officers came out. One said, ‘Put the fence in your hands! ’.I asked, ‘What was it that I did? ‘They said:’ Shut up your hands on the fence! ‘I put my hands on the fence again, and asked,’ What have I done? ‘Waiting for the other officers to arrive they said.”

“They have come and I have asked them again. It was rather embarrassing. People took pictures and it frustrated me so I became mad at the cop. I told him stuff I shouldn’t say. But I was frustrated and angry and ultimately he said, ‘You are not the one we are looking for, you can go’.”

Arnaut Danjuma announced that he was arrested by police on suspicion of murder attempted

Danjuma added that he did not remember hearing the police apologize for the incident, but he declined to file a formal complaint because he simply wanted to move on.

The Dutch winger also took the time to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement revealing that he believes he has been subjected to unfair treatment due to his skin color, but he insisted that it is important to avoid feeling frustrated.

“I’ve never let myself believe I’m in a difficult situation. I’ve been aware of it but if you want to get out of it, you should create a skin against everything that’s going to make you negative,” he said.


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