Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta says he would be keen for Arsenal’s owners to interact with angry fans in wake of the European Super League debacle. He says the fans would be pleasantly surprised if they got to know them. A number of fans have called for the Kroenke’s to sell their stake in the club after their involvement in the Super League.

Arsenal’s defeat to Everton last week was held behind closed down at the Emirates. But thousands of Arsenal fans gathered outside the Emirates in protest. Spotify co-owner Daniel Ek, a lifelong Arsenal fan threw his hat into the ring recently.

“I don’t know if that will be the case,” Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta said when asked if interaction with the fans would help them gain their trust back. “If we all feel that is necessary and will be helpful, I’m sure they will do anything it takes to bring the fans closer to them. If they get the opportunity to know them, I think most of them would be surprised.”

“If that’s the case, I think that would benefit everybody at the football club. It would benefit the fans and it would bring a lot of clarity. So if there is a way to do that and it’s going to be helpful, let’s do it.” he added.

Stan Kroenke had reached out to Arteta and apologized for their involvement in the Super League. He also mentioned that he spoke to Kroenke about their future plans for the club. “We spoke to them and I think it was very clear they showed their commitment to the football club, and they showed their ambition,” said Arteta. “We all want a successful team on the pitch. It took any doubts out of the situation, now we have a very clear and committed statement from the ownership.”


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