Kieran Gibbs revealed that his former Arsenal teammate Mikel Arteta was always destined to become a manager. He believes that Arteta always had something extra that made him different from the rest of the team. Arteta replaced Unai Emery in 2019 and won the FA Cup in his first term in charge before finishing eighth in the Premier League last season. This season they have had a good run of results following a horrendous start to the season. Arsenal lost their first three games against Brentford, Manchester City, and Chelsea to be rock bottom of the table.

“Anyone who played with Mikel throughout his career will tell you he was destined to be a manager,” Kieran Gibbs said about his former Arsenal teammate Mikel Arteta. “He’s got something extra you can’t explain, that extra love for the game. He lives and breathes it.”

“He was always looking to analyze the game, study it and it’s no surprise he’s gone into management,” he added. “When he arrived at Arsenal he was coming to the end of his career and you noticed he was quickly becoming the mediator between the players and the coaches more and more.”

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