Former Arsenal defender Oleh Luzhnyi revealed he will stay back to stay and fight for Ukraine. The Premier League showed its support for Ukraine none more so than the match between Manchester City and Everton which each had a Ukrainian player in their ranks. Oleksandr Zinchenko was brought to tears after the support shown by the entire stadium with several waving Ukrainian flags.

“The situation is horrific,” former Arsenal defender Oleh Luzhnyi said. “I want to come to coach in the UK but before anything, I will stand firmly and fight for my people, for my country, and for democracy. We all hope this will be over soon as innocent lives are being lost and families are being torn apart. A country being invaded and destroyed is all for what? We need to stand together as one and bring to an end this criminal warfare.”

“Oleh has told me that everybody is in shock and stressed by what is happening,” his childhood friend Simon Stakhiv said. “It is a scary thing to have to go to the bomb shelters and sleep overnight there. We are lucky here in England, today we had blue skies and peace but it’s a different story when you are living with sirens and war. From six o’clock in the evening until eight o’clock in the morning nobody is allowed outside apart from the army. Everyone from the age of 18 to 60 can be called to fight, everyone is prepared to fight.”

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