Arsene Wenger believes that Euro 2020 is the tournament for the short-sized players. The tournament draws to a close this Sunday with England taking on Italy in the final at Wembley. The best players for England and Italy at Euro 2020 has been Raheem Sterling and Lorenzo Insigne respectively.

“It’s the first time a tournament is played with five substitutes.” former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said about Euro 2020. ”It has reduced the level of fatigue because when you play with three, you play only two because the last one you have to change in the last five to ten minutes in case you have an injury. It has reduced the difference between the teams.”

“The second thing I’ve noticed in this tournament, which is quite interesting, the fewer goals scored on the counter-attack with long runs,” he added. ”It is basically the tournament of the short-sized players who are very quick and agile in small spaces. It is the tournament of Sterling, Insigne, Pedri, and Damsgaard.”

”These players have made the difference.” Wenger continued. “Players who are very quick off the mark and very agile in small spaces because you always play against ten players in the final third and these players are the players in this tournament like Jordi Alba who are quick off the mark in the last three or four meters who are technically good.”

Italy have played a refreshing brand of attacking football under Roberto Mancini in the tournament so far. Their play has been a far cry from previous Italian teams. In their first game against Turkey, the Italians scored three goals. This was the first instance any Italian side had scored three in the history of the European Championships.

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