The ex-Gunners defender acknowledges that a move is impossible to bring in a famous former manager, but he thinks the Frenchman is the right option.

Arsene Wenger will be the “right” choice to succeed Arsenal Chairman Sir Chips Keswick, says Martin Keown, but a “private” appointment is deemed controversial.

The Gunners are searching for a new leader after it’s revealed that Sir Chips will step down from his current post after 15 years.

Who the club ‘s management, led by owner Stan Kroenke, will look to for guidance remains to be seen from the very top.

Keown says Arsenal should reach out to former boss Wenger who saw the end of his iconic 22-year reign as manager in the summer of 2018. His intimate relationship with the club would make him a good choice to step back in at Emirates Stadium, allowing the Frenchman to offer valuable advice to current coach Mikel Arteta and others calling off the field shots.

Arsene Wenger would be the perfect choice to replace Sir Chips Keswick

The former defender of Arsenal Keown talked to SPORT about his approach to finding a new president:

“Sir Chips is someone who’s been there for fifteen years, taking over from Peter Hill-Wood, and I think the club was pleased with the work that he did there. To see Arsene Wenger come onto the board would be something special. I don’t think so though, I think he said he didn’t want to do it recently, he never saw himself as anyone sitting on the board, but they could do much worse. You know that I feel it would be almost the ideal response for Kroenke, the young Josh Kroenke, maybe he needs that older guy, someone with the experience around him.”


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