Mikel Arteta, Arsenal’s head coach, has summed up Arsenal’s Europa League 1/8 final match against Olympiakos (3-1).

“We had a great start to the game, dominating and creating a lot of chances. We allowed them to score by attempting to play the ball through defenders, but we quickly replied and scored two more goals.

Overall, the outcome is positive, but we must avoid making errors that cost us goals; we cannot continue in this manner,” the coach told BBC.

“We have to be painfully frank with ourselves. We gave the opponents three opportunities, but they only took one, which is a penalty at this stage. We must avoid making such mistakes and become more ruthless if we are to progress to the next level. We have to ruin the game when we overpower like that.”

“We are to blame for the goals conceded and chances produced. That’s nice because it’ll be better if we can stop it. “I’m the one who has to deal with that.”


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