Roma outlined the extent of the measures they take to protect players from COVID-19 as they return to work, including at the entrance temperature and oxygen levels.

Training will begin tomorrow, but in the absence of an agreed medical procedure with the FIGC and the Government, it is actually operating only around the pitches.


“We worked closely with Biomedical Campus experts to provide as much knowledge as possible at our fingertips about how to try to avoid Covid-19 from spreading and to understand how to enforce such steps at our training center,” said Manolo Zubiria, Chief Global Sporting Officer at the club website.

“As a result we worked on a specific comprehensive plan, which was also accepted by the local government, Regione Lazio.

There are three stations designed to monitor the temperature and oxygen levels of those entering the facility, with one station devoted to the use of players and coaching staff exclusively. We have begun some medical tests over the last couple of days, without any of the players being in touch with each other.


Players are divided into small groups that rotate in three shifts leaving on each training pitch only four players. Each player would have more than 10 meters between them. The players will arrive wearing masks which they will continue to wear until the training session starts. They’ll have their temperature measured, oxygen levels reported through pulse oximetry, and then complete a detailed health questionnaire for Covid-19.

They will then go to their individual quarters, where they will change, and then go straight to the training pitch – as the dressing rooms and other common areas will be kept locked.

The players will find their boots on the pitchside, along with all the fluids they will need during the session. They will leave the pitch one at a time at the end of the training and head to their rooms – where they will be able to take a shower and put all the supplies they have used in a bag they will need to lock up during the training session.

When the player arrives at Trigoria and he raises his temperature, he will be put in an isolation room and checked again.

All of our physiotherapists will have to wear one-use safety equipment; including masks, gloves, and eyewear protection. They will all work in a well-ventilated environment, and we’ll never have two physiotherapists working in the same field at the same time.


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