Atalanta ultras donated €60,000 to a local hospital, the money they ‘d owed for the Champions League match played with Valencia behind closed doors.

The club had reimbursed the fans who were due to fly to Valencia on March 10 to see the historic round of 16 fixture.

Instead, 1,200 of them have opted to donate the money to the nearby Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

Today those funds were identified, when an ultras community visited the building.

Bergamo was the hardest-hit city in Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and a convoy of military trucks carrying coffins to other cities because the crematorium was overrun will remain as the most compelling photo of the crisis.”It was a wonderful moment to reach the fans,” Maria Beatrice Stasi, the hospital’s general director told La Repubblica.

“We spoke about the most catastrophic time of the pandemic that we have encountered thanks to teamwork, a sense of belonging, and a mutual understanding, all of which are understood, valued, and expressed in sport. We even worked as a hospital with Atalanta, as well as its fans. After all the city had been through, those ties were much deeper.”

The ultras were also designing and making a T-Shirt, with a new ambulance buying profits. There is a banner on the back that reads: ‘You were rewarded with the biggest challenge. Bergamo will forever thank you.’


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