In the near future, the Welshman is due to abandoning Real Madrid and sees the United States as a viable choice.

“I really like the game. We’ve grown so much over the years. The games now are difficult. Whenever we come over to play in the pre-season the games were different. The performance is much higher, all the clubs are getting better, the facilities are getting better, the stadiums are getting better,” Bale told the Champions Cup international.

Bale to move to the MLS in the near future

Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale has announced he will move to the MLS in the near future.

The Welshman was the subject of intense speculation about his future at Bernabeu, but obviously the La Liga giants are happy to keep Bale in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the former Tottenham Hotspur man managed just 14 appearances this season in Spain’s top flight and confirmed his interest in joining the MLS team.

Speaking at The Hat-Trick Show, Bale said, “I like the league very much, it has grown so much over the years. When we come over and play the games in the pre-season it’s rough, it’s a league that’s on the rise and still on the rise. A lot of players want to come to America now. I’d certainly be involved in that.”

Bale to move to the MLS in the near future

Since the arrival of Los Blancos, Bale has scored 105 goals in 249 appearances and the 30-year-old will see his new deal at Bernabeu end in 2022.


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