An investigation into the Barcelona-I3 Projects partnership has determined that the club has not launched a smear campaign against third parties.

Summing up the report’s findings on its official website, Barca wrote that “the contracting on behalf of FC Barcelona for various services related to social network monitoring and analysis did not include any defamatory campaigns aimed at third parties.”

PwC found no proof of illegal financial behavior and noted that the price charged for the Barca I3 Ventures business was within the spectrum of the market.

In response to the report’s conclusions, Barca said: “The Board of Directors shall order the Club’s legal services to restore and, if necessary, bring the correct legal action against those who have made false and baseless claims that have significantly harmed the institution ‘s reputation and those who are part of it.”

“The substance of this report and its findings will also be put forward in those proceedings initiated against the Club on the grounds of the alleged illegal conduct that this document clarifies and rejects,” Barca added.


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