Josep Maria Bartomeu says that the coronavirus epidemic has affected no club worse than Barcelona – but he notes that the debt rates of the club are still good.

With spiraling wages for the stars of the club, a series of lavish transfers that have not had an impact on the pitch and the expansion project ‘Espai Barca’ Camp Nou, some have expected financial difficulties for the club ahead.

President Bartomeu, though he had a clear warning about the impact of Covid-19 on football, seems to be projecting a message of goodwill.

Bartomeu told Mundo Deportivo: “We saw a pandemic around the world and said it was going to be a dynamic summer of swap deals, and that’s what is going on. We have not earned a Euro since March 14. We lost out on €200 m (£182m/$233 m). 200 m Euro!”We’ve saved a lot by cutting salaries by using ERTE’s (Temporary Employment Regulation Report, with the government paying 70% of wages).”

“This pandemic will be getting two or three seasons of impact. No one would presume things are going to be resolved by next season. Four years speak about the great financial gurus, but I think football is going to go quicker,” he added.

Bartomeu was keen to highlight the argument that Barca did not feel above the impact of the virus’s economic downturn.


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