The Barcelona coach is doing his dream work at Camp Nou-until coronavirus.

Quique Setien and Ramiro Amarella, two old friends at Beach Soccer Worldwide, gave a video chat during the quarantine. The Barca coach and the former beach soccer player Barca have a strong friendship, having collaborated with Spain’s beach soccer team in the 1990s.

Setien has clarified how Johan Cruyff influenced him during the conversation.

“When I saw Cruyff’s Barca I didn’t care too much about strategy, I went out onto the field to play and that was it.

“I started to see how they played football to get the ball, you’re starting to see the tactical aspects, and why things are happening, you’re starting to examine it, you’re seeing what you want, and you’re starting to get an idea in your head, and I’ve followed that,” Setien explained how he and his family were in jail too-he’s playing a lot of chess.

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