Thousands of tournaments and events are either on hold or postponed across the globe due to coronavirus. Barcelona fears if the team weren’t back to practice, what will happen.

Barcelona supports the right of its players to go back to football during the coronavirus crisis.

Despite criticism, the club must put its players’ safety first and take action to ensure they only play if the safety authorities have the go-ahead.

One of the steps the club is looking at is not pressuring any player to play again. The club would encourage players not to play if there is no guarantee of 100 percent that they won’t get coronavirus.

SPORT heard that Barca’s stance is not something that La Liga likes, but they appreciate the club’s concerns.

Barca does not go after anybody, only wants to make sure they get the best out of their players. Six other First Division clubs obey their decision, waiting to see what is happening. If they declare their position, the other clubs will do so, too.

Barca is not aware of the protocols to which they were submitted. Barca medics say the risk continues to be high.

We know their position could lead to a significant economic crisis that could see them lose their rights on television.

The Catalans will look at this topic next week and will take some decisions. The board is likely to make a call on it at some point in the coming days.

Are you a hundred percent sure that you won’t get coronavirus? What measures are you taking to protect yourself and your family?

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