The Uruguayan got it 1-0 against Espanyol by pouncing on a loose ball across the field. He didn’t have his best match but the rest made a goal by hand.

Barcelona v. Espanyol was thrown into confusion at the start of the second half. Setién took a risk, bringing on Ansu Fati who was revolutionizing the game for his football but not his.

The youth academy graduate put a hard tackle on Calero and got booked, which Munuera changed to a red after seeing it on the camera. Luckily for Barca, Pol Lorenzo did something similar 3 minutes later on Pique and the two teams were down to 10.

In the middle of the chaos, Barca had made it 1-0. Easy to get away from Griezmann ‘s man, from Jordi Alba and the Frenchman to Messi’s backheel.

Argentine ‘s shot didn’t come to fruition but the ball almost stopped at Suárez’s penalty spot to make it 1-0.

By doing what he does best, the Uruguayan didn’t let Espanyol off: scoring, despite the distinct match he was having.


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