It took a fresh twist again, just when you figured the whole circus was finally behind us with Neymar Jr. According to a recent El Mundo article, Barcelona’s board is seeking €10 m from the player because they overpaid him after a bad miscalculation.

They talk about a tax problem, as is normally the case, which led to them giving the Brazilian more cash than they were originally meant to. But the case doesn’t always just stop there. Of course, the club will try to pursue the matter and press for the money back. If the two parties do not reach an agreement, however, the ‘bonus’ added may be proclaimed as ‘unfair enrichment,’ which happens when one party is enriched at the expense of another in an unjust, and thus illegal, way.

Needless to say, the turn of events is bound to increase the distance between Barcelona and its former star, as it creates another controversy that could be very well taken to court.

However, that’s all we know at the moment, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how the Brazilian himself responds to this piece of news. The ‘bonus’ is entirely the club’s fault as they were the ones who made a minor miscalculation, contributing in the first place inevitably to Neymar overpaying.

It seems like the former board is now clearly unable to do anything right.


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