Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos expressed his thoughts on his former club, Bayern.

“There is no denying that for the past few months, Bayern has been the strongest team in the country. For many years, Real Madrid has been the best and we know it’s difficult. For 10 years, it has been difficult to win,” Kroos told Marca.

“For 2-3 years, Real Madrid have been the best team in the world. Bayern is the strongest now, but that’s not talking poorly about us. They won the Champions League, and I think the winner of the CL is the best team in the world, since t’s the toughest competition to win. They are better than us, but now it’s no problem because we’re not competing with them in the same championship, and we’re not playing against them in the Champions League at least not now.”

“They have a good rhythm, the high pressure is really good. We must admit that there are better teams at the moment than Real Madrid,” he added.


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