The two best players that Arminia Bielefeld had on the pitch, literally. Both players contributed to Bayern Munich’s three goals. The first goal was Sarr’s direct error, while Sule, surprisingly, forgot to jump on the corner kick on the second goal, and thus Bayern conceded a goal. Sarr was outrun too quickly on the third goal, and then the entire defense collapsed.

I’d give Sule some slack, though. He’s a big guy playing on a field that’s very slippery. Moving across the pitch is not easy for him. Also, after some errors in the first half, I feel that his morale took a hit, and there was no hope of getting back to the game mentally. But today, Sarr was completely calamitous.

Besides these two, Bielefeld’s goalkeeper, Stefan Ortega Moreno, had an inspiring show today. A plethora of opportunities he denied Bayern and was undoubtedly the best player on the pitch today.

The French winger had, considering the circumstances, a good night. Tonight he had his moments but missed the critical finish. He also dribbled effortlessly past his rivals and left them on the field with his fast moves on a few occasions, but Bielefeld’s goalkeeper had the final word. Any chance, he denied Coman. Moreno also caught the last shot of the game with a lot of confidence.

Leroy Sane had a very noteworthy performance in addition to Coman, ranging from very good to very poor. Today, at least he got an assist.


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