Bilbao organizers have been left fuming after they were dropped as one of the tournament hosts for the Euro Championship. Bilbao was unable to guarantee the organizers that they could host enough fans in the stadium. Bilbao was set to host all three of Spain’s group stage games against Poland, Sweden, and Slovakia as well as a Round of 16 tie.

A final call on three of the host cities; Bilbao, Munich, and Dublin of the Euro Championship will be taken by UEFA on Friday. The UEFA wants a guarantee that the host cities will be able to allow fans into the stadium. But reports suggest that Bilbao has already received a letter informing them of UEFA’s decision to move the matches elsewhere.

“Bilbao will not host games at Euro 2020. However, we won’t allow Bilbao or the Basque institutions to be taken for a ride.” a statement read. “Nor are we going to allow the proven and long-standing experience and capability of the Basque authorities to manage and organize international events to be called into question.”

“We will not allow doubts to persist regarding the approach to this project, in which over a time span of more than six years, the Basque way of doing things has prevailed: seriousness, coherence, professionalism and responsibility.” the statement added.

Bilbao is now seeking compensation for the work done at the stadium set to host the Euro 2020 matches. They had signed a contracted way back in 2014. The organizers said that they have complied with all the terms and conditions set for them.

“This is in order to determine the compensation for the amounts invested to date in organizing the event, which amount to more than €1.2m, as well as the quantification of the possible damages caused by said decision.” a statement added.


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