The injury in the home has brought the terms the end at the season as a midfielder for Brescia Dimitri Bisoli. The player slid home, at the edge of a step, and suffered a patellar tendon injury. Tomorrow, Bisoli will undergo surgery already.

Brescia midfielder Dimitri Bisoli ‘s season is over after suffering a freak knee injury during an accident at his home.

According to the newspaper Giornale di Brescia, the 26-year-old player slipped on a step when he was at home, and in doing so tore the tendon in his knee.

For several months Bisoli will undergo surgery and will be out of action. He is the son of current Cremon coach Pierpaolo Bisoli and has been in the Brescia squad since 2016. It had been a successful campaign for him, scoring against Udinese his first Series A goal and making 25 appearances.

This is especially damaging given that Brescia also lost defender Andrea Cistana to an ankle injury during the lockdown.


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