Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic has called for a change in offside rules, claiming that you can’t ‘allow a nose or shoulder target.’

The Rossoblu coach came up with the need to fix the offside regulations before Saturday’s match against Milan while acknowledging that ‘we have to adapt’ to the VAR.

“I suppose I would be more compassionate since this is how the show goes. It seems too difficult to rule out a goal if you are offside with a nose or a neck, even though the rules are explicit. During a press conference, Mihajlovic told reporters about it. In my opinion, this has got to change. When offside you should have a void over that. But to VAR, offside is a good thing. It’s also labeled a man. We’ve all seen that go, both against and with. We need to adapt but hopefully, something will change in the future.”


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