There is no job or any career in the country that is 100 percent secure at the moment, as long as you’re dealing with other people. Some people say, ‘there is always a small chance.’ Yes it is. We will not be able to remove any small risk. Like almost all other aspects of life, the coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected football and has claimed the lives of nearly 32,000 people in the UK alone to date.

In the coming weeks Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined a plan that could see the return of Premier League football.

The Premier League has been working on ‘Phase Restart’ steps to finish the 2019-20 season, which only has nine matches left over for most clubs. Boris Johnson has now offered an outline of a three-step strategy to help England ‘s economy restart, and the first step appears to pave the way for footballers to return to work.


Boris Johnson said that this is not the time to end the lockdown this week.

He addresses to the nation by saying, “Instead, we are taking the first careful steps to change our actions. We now need to stress that anyone who can’t work from home should be actively encouraged to go to work, such as those in construction or manufacture.”

The category of people” who can’t operate from home “would tend to include footballers, but the situation for sporting activities remains uncertain as the Prime Minister went on to suggest people would play the sport even with members of their household.

Premier League clubs remain committed to completing the season, although it is known that the bottom six of the league are opposed to plans to end the campaign in neutral venues. Currently, Liverpool sits 25 points apart from its nearest rivals and is just six points away from a 30-year first league title, although Bournemouth, Aston Villa, and Norwich City lie in the relegation zone.


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