Boris Johnson’s office has cleared the framework for a Premier League return, including crucial plans for wide-ranging player testing. And that will be laid out at a meeting of the top 20 flight clubs on Friday, where a timeline for the return of football in the UK will be presented.

The British Government has urged the league, according to Mirror Sport, to switch from the outline planning stage to more specific plans to ensure the return of the Premier League. The Government has had several weeks of talks with the Premier League. The report now says that games will likely start in June, all that was played behind closed doors to complete the season.

The framework includes:

  • Phased introduction for individual programs to the curriculum at the beginning of May.
  • Full contact unit training, possibly within the last week of May.
  • Games will start as early as the second week in June.
  • A comprehensive evaluation program will be paid for by the Premier League.
  • Coordination of government in support of match services in stadiums including emergency and security facilities.

However, it has been stated bluntly that each return is largely dependent on the flattening of the Coronavirus curve in the UK, and a substantial decrease in the death rate.

There have been a total of 4076 new cases and 795 new deaths in the United Kingdom lately. “Public Health England (PHE) has introduced a replacement system of recording COVID-19 deaths daily, to supply a more accurate list of these who died from the virus.

The daily figure for the government will include deaths that occurred in all settings where the COVID-19 test was positive, including hospitals, care homes, and the wider community. Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are already reporting deaths outside the hospital.


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