Brentford midfielder Christian Eriksen revealed that with the ICD fitted he is the safest player on the pitch as he makes a return to football. The Dane is close to making a comeback after he suffered a cardiac arrest at Euro 2020. He will become the first player to play in the Premier League with an ICD fitted. Eriksen said that there will not be a repeat of his incident.

“I agree that this is an example of modern science,” Brentford midfielder Christian Eriksen said. “I’d heard of an ICD before, but I’ve never known as much about it as I do now. In positive terms, now a lot of people in the world know that if you have something and you get an ICD, it doesn’t stop your world from living. It depends on the diagnosis but, with this, you are safer with this than anyone else.”

“I spoke to Daley Blind (who plays for Ajax with an ICD). I’ve seen him a few times in Amsterdam since, and even in the first week in the hospital, I texted him from the hospital asking ‘what can I do with this?’ He is the more famous example that it can be doable. But, for the common world, it’s more new. In hospital you hear that an ICD is more normal and it doesn’t stop you doing anything,” he added. “It was pretty early in the hospital I was told that with an ICD there are no limits. You just have to let it heal for a few months, and after you can do whatever you’re capable of. It was pretty quick that I wanted to go back but I didn’t want to do anything pushy.”

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