Bruno Berner enjoyed a successful stint as a manager in Switzerland was much different compared to that of any other manager. When Berner won promotion to the second tier of his country’s league there was not much investment. He defied the odds for three years without even taking up a full-time coaching role. The former Leicester man had won the league one title with Leicester City during his playing days.

“It was the first time in my life that I stepped away from football,” Bruno Berner said of his time in Switzerland. “My brother told me, ‘Welcome back to normal life. You have left that golden cage.’ What do you mean? ‘You were in a bubble for 15 years.’ He was right, but I loved my job. I worked Monday to Friday which meant I had the whole weekend to myself with my family and it felt amazing. The next time that I had to think was on Monday morning.”

“The mindset of my colleagues was completely different, though,” he added. “In that world, they would come in on a Monday morning, and slowly they would get started. The attitude was, ‘Oh no, it is Monday again.’ I was not used to that. My attitude was that it was great to be Monday, we are here to work! I have a game on Saturday so Monday is important preparation! They would just look at me, like, ‘No, we don’t have a game on Saturday.’ You could see that different attitude.”

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