This week, an out-of-color Liverpool lost to Burnley at home, but Bruno Fernandes doesn’t think their expectations have dipped much.

Bruno Fernandes, the hero of Manchester United, does not accept the “playing poorly” in Liverpool until Sunday’s FA Cup clash.

But Fernandes himself faced questions about the way he had been in the last few days after only one goal and no assistance in five matches in 2021, Liverpool remains undeniably a dangerous side to face.

“I think teams have moments,” United’s website told him.

“I don’t think they play badly in Liverpool. I don’t think they win, and that’s the point.

Everyone talks about it when teams don’t win. Everyone talks about it when players don’t score. I feel it on me because I know the expectation is high. After all, I came and I scored a lot of goals and made a lot of assists, and I expect goals and assists from everyone.

It’s the same-from Salah, from Firmino, and Mane, everybody expects goals. In the last games, they don’t score and it begins to feel like ‘oh, they’re not playing well.’

They create, they play, but the other teams are playing better [than before] and, as I said before, they have more qualities to play. Every team goes there to play maybe without the pressure of the fans. Teams play a little bit more comfortably and, as I say, I think it is a moment. We don’t have to look at that moment because big teams and big players can show at every moment.”


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