Burnley captain Ben Mee is enraged with fans that booed the players while they took a knee against Brighton. He believes that booing signals opposition to racism and he is happy that it was not the vast majority of fans. The practice to take a knee was started in the summer of 2020 with the Premier League announcing that the players would do so for the new season. Taking a knee is symbolic of unity against all forms of racism. There has been opposition against the gesture citing it is a political gesture.

“It’s disappointing to hear that, but there was a lot of applause after it,” Burnley captain Ben Mee said. “Obviously disappointing to hear the booing. I don’t know how many times we need to reiterate as players the reasons why we are continuing to take the knee. It gets to a point where, if you are booing, it doesn’t look good on those individuals does it?”

“Continue to support us and support us in what we are trying to achieve as a group of players and a football community,” he added. “We don’t need to keep reiterating why we are doing it – and support would be more than welcome.”

The Burnley captain Mee has always been enthusiastic about taking a knee and was very vocal about his support last season. A banner that read ‘White Lives Matter Burnley’ flew over the Etihad stadium when they took on Manchester City.

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