Burnley manager Sean Dyche believes that player welfare is off the scale after Jurgen Klopp accused Dyche of blocking the five substitutes rule. Dyche has mentioned in the past that the five substitution rule benefits the bigger teams rather than the rest of the Premier League. Klopp had called for the return of the five substitution rule due to fixture congestion as well as the impact of Covid.

“I keep hearing this term player welfare,” Burnley manager Sean Dyche said. “I’ve got to be honest, I think the welfare of my players here is absolutely fantastic – the way they are looked after. Health and well-being are top of the list and we do that well here. Add to that the challenge of Covid – the players have got information coming out of their ears over the situation – medical support and the Premier League offering them all the testing program… so it does make me question the idea of player welfare.”

“I was thinking of people like Frank Lampard, season after season knocking out 60-odd games with England games on top,” he added. “I don’t remember too much about player welfare being spoken about then. There has to be a bit of balance to the bigger picture of comments about five subs, three subs, all the rest of it – and just be careful which road we’re going down. The players have to be careful themselves because the welfare is off the scale for me, personally.”

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