After 14 years, the Cadiz footballers managed to get back to the first Spanish football league, securing one of the first two places leading directly in the Primera two rounds before the end of the second league competition.

Though he lost to Fuenlabrada at home on Saturday, Cadiz was “helped” by Sunday’s home defeat of Zaragoza’s third-placed Real, who lost to Oviedo ‘s namesake 2-4. Therefore, two rounds before the finish, Cadiz stood on an unattainable seven-point lead over Zaragoza, though they had nine more points from the fourth Almeria with a game more, but also a better ratio in shared meetings.

Two rounds before the end of Segunda, Huesca occupies the second spot which also leads directly in the Primera with 64 points, while the places leading to the playoffs along with the third Zaragoza and fourth Almeria are also the fifth Girona with 60 points and the sixth Fuenlabrada with 57 points.

From 1985 to 1993 Cadiz was a regular member of the Primera Division, while in 2005/06 he played the only season in the company of the strongest over the last 27 years.


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