Cafu, the former Milan and Brazil defender, spoke highly of the defenders of Real Madrid.

Some suggest Marcelo is lazy. What are you thinking?

He’s a sensation, an outstanding player, and a technical one. He’s linked to the attack, he’s not scared to circle one-on-one. He can still give Real Madrid a lot, and at any time of the match, he can do something.

Kafu, is he on the left flank?

No No-No (laughs). I’d rather people say it’s me on the right flank, Marcelo. He’s a terrific player.

What do you think about Sergio Ramos?

‘He’s, without a doubt, the best defender in the world. Quite nice in terms of techniques and technologies. He’s a fantastic captain and a leader who still leads ahead of his mates. I’d like to see him on the squad with me.

There aren’t so many people like Kafu now. In Spain, who do you like?

Dani Carvajal is the one I like the most. I like him,” Cafu said, “an important player for Real Madrid.


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