Fabio Capello, the former head coach of Juventus and Real Madrid, spoke to Sky Sports about the Italian club’s success under Andrea Pirlo.

Is Pirlo making Juventus better than it was under Sarri and Allegri?

– Since they now have a lower-quality midfield, I believe the team has become weaker. In that region of the pitch, they now miss anything. I’m referring to Bentancur and Rabiot, the two central midfielders.

Only Chiesa and Ronaldo will make a difference for Juve as a whole. Others, on the other hand, do not. No one can throw the ball forward; it is only Dybala. He’s the one that makes runs, dribbles, and pushes the ball.

When it comes to ball handling, this team is sluggish. They were playing rugby against Porto, and all they did was pass the ball down the flanks.

Even though Ronaldo had a poor result, perhaps his worst since joining Juventus, they attempted to play vertically. No one was watching Ronaldo’s gestures or making a pass to him.


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