Bobby Firmino plays the No. 9 roles, but he’s not a number nine – “I assume Liverpool could do with bringing in a striker. There’s too much strain on Mane and Salah, I guess.

For me, Firmino doesn’t score enough. In terms of the current front three, in terms of maintaining his position, he’s the one I worry about.

The Liverpool front 3 needs changing and that means Bobby Firmino coming out.”

Peter Crouch has also called for Firmino to start scoring more goals as the narrative from earlier in the season seems to be resurfacing.

With the return of Diogo Jota imminent, the Brazilian will face tough competition for his starting spot.

If the connections to Kylian Mbappe’s likes are real, then Firmino will be most likely to make way for any new starting assailants.


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