Antonio Cassano returns to his fights with Fabio Capello, the bosses of Real Madrid and Sampdoria’s eventual return. “I am the greatest talent to throw away everything.” FantAntonio talked to Sky Sport Italia about his tumultuous life and the many chances he lost.

“I am the greatest talent in the last few years to have thrown away anything because I was just throwing myself away,” Cassano admitted.

“To change is one thing, to not want to practice, to offend everyone, and to start arguments from morning till night. The ‘evil genius who follows the rules’ argument just goes too far, and I have simply crossed the line too many times.

“Children make you adjust. If I had my children when I was twenty I would have taught them all the wrong lessons. Today, I’ve changed and it’s due to my wife above all. I am so proud to have her by my side. “Cassano was shot to fame at Bari and then bound at Roma with Francesco Totti before his ill-fated move to Real Madrid in January of 2006.

“The only regret isn’t taking the chance to compete alongside teammates like Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo for the biggest club in history at the age of 23. I threw away a big chance at Real Madrid.

“I replaced Luis Figo and Michael Owen successfully, so I was successful but I caused one tragedy after another. After that Capello landed in Real Madrid. I lost 16 kg, scored two goals in three games, and benched me for the fourth. I lost my mind and Capello he cuts you out when you disrespect him.

“After all that, he gave me yet another chance. He has done so much for me but in exchange I have done so little for him.

Once he clashed with Sampdoria’s President Riccardo Garrone, Cassano continued his unfortunate tendency to destroy successful relations.

“My best career experience was at Sampdoria. I’ve been coming off at Real Madrid for 18 dark months but I’ve rediscovered myself and done something incredible in Genoa.

“We finished fourth in Serie A and with what was frankly an average team, we reached the Coppa Italia final.

I also met my wife during that encounter and that’s why I will live in Genoa forever. “Arrangements were being made for him to work for Samp in a different capacity after his retirement, said the 37-year-old.

“Six months ago, I met (Sampdoria President Massimo) Ferrero, and we took some time to evaluate issues. We spoke and my suggestion was to be a sports director. We’ll see if he’s changed his mind.

This is a long way from what Cassano claims he’d done without a football career. “I rarely went to school and was not an academic, but I don’t think I would have fallen in with a bad crowd, because that would have overwhelmed my mother. I would have actually ended up working in a butcher’s or a supermarket.


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