Manchester United will be heading to Fulham on Wednesday and Edinson Cavani is urging the team not to get carried away with their new form.

Edinson Cavani has urged Manchester United not to let arrogance creep into their game after the departure of Alex Ferguson as they look to mount their first title challenge. But while the odds are stacked against Fulham, 18th in the table, Cavani had a few words of warning for United ahead of the trip to Craven Cottage.

“I believe that one of the most important things that we need to be aware of whenever we go into any game is that we are Manchester United, and, irrespective of whether we are top of the league or in any other position, every other team that plays against Manchester United tries to do their absolute best to try to beat them,” he told United Review.

When I was at PSG, it was also a similar scenario for me. Teams strive and do the unthinkable to win against one of the world’s most legendary and strongest teams. So ensuring that we are concentrated on this should give us the energy to continue to battle for this badge and be top of the league, struggling to stay right where we are.

We need to be ready and emotionally prepared to fight for all that. The main thing, as I always claim, is not just winning a few games, it’s having the consistency of always competing; competing in every game and for every ball, and focusing on every situation that comes up in the game to the absolute limit.

And that is what helps you, in the end, to reach your ultimate goal.
Fulham will know very well that they’re going to have Manchester United coming up next, and they’re going to go all out to try to beat us as they’ve done in the past, and much like what we’ve seen with other teams like Burnley, who always give their best.

So we need to be conscious that it’s going to be a difficult game and that we need to be 100% concentrated to take care of all the details so that we can take care of all the details.”


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