Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel made it clear that the owners did not owe anyone an apology for the European Super League debacle. Chelsea was one of the founding members of the Super League before the competition was canceled. Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel admitted that the fan protests outside the stadium affected their performance. Chelsea played out a goalless draw against Brighton in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge.

“Yes it has been distracting, but it’s the owner’s club, it’s not my club,” said Tuchel. “I’m part of the club, but it’s the owner and the club’s decision, and now they change that decision. There’s no need to apologize to me directly, my job is to adapt to the circumstances. And were we distracted? Yeah clearly. Me personally I arrived in a state of mind on Tuesday at the stadium that was clearly not the mindset that I normally arrive in, for a match.”

The German said he would like to put the entire debacle behind him as they prepare for a crucial match against West Ham at the London stadium. The two teams are separated only by goal difference in a fight for fourth place. Tuchel believes that the fans have not lost trust in the club’s hierarchy. He hopes they can look at the positive things that Roman Abramovich has done for the club since taking over.

“No. Because I think that the people and the fans know very, very well that it’s also the credit from the owners who improve their clubs, build strong clubs and make the most competitive league in the world.” he added when asked if the bridge would be too much. “So I think they appreciate that very, very well. People can read very clearly also and can divide one thing from another, and they express their opinion on this decision.”


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