Chelsea Women manager Emma Hayes revealed that she would definitely persuade her players to go off social media. She also believes that abusive messages on social media could lead to footballer suicides. Hayes said that if the racist abuses continue then the companies that are profiting need to take responsibility. She called on the Governments to enforce the eradication of this culture of hate.

“I have to live it every day. I have to manage young people that are maybe the flavor of the month, so to speak, online and then treated so despicably the next, maybe even by the same people – and then the impact that has on them and their internal struggle, that translates into massive underperformance.” Chelsea Women coach Emma Hayes said. “I feel that social media, while it is a force for good in so many ways, I think if that doesn’t change quite quickly, we will be talking about some of the more severe ends of perhaps people taking their lives with some of the abuse that they experience online.”

“I see what it does to their mood, I see what it does to their mindset, I see what it does to their confidence,” she added. “There is no denying there are vulnerable athletes with mental health issues across the board that – off the back of a bad game or off of being a woman, or being gay, or being of different color, or ethnicity – experience vile, abusive messages that could certainly put them in a position where they could contemplate [suicide].”

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