Romelu Lukaku is set to stay at the club following clear-the-air talks with Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. The striker also accepted that his controversial interview with Sky Italy was a mistake. He mentioned that he was not happy with his role at the club and would be interested in a return to Inter soon. Tuchel said a transfer away from Chelsea was never discussed in their talk and he will not be leaving any time soon.

“Physically I’m doing great. I’m just not very happy with the situation, but that’s normal,” Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku said. “I think the boss has decided to play a different formation but I have to stick at it and get on with it professionally. I’m not happy with the situation but it’s my job and I mustn’t give up. When I was at Inter, at the end of the first year, I turned down an offer from Manchester City which was higher than Chelsea’s this summer.”

“So the second year after we won the Scudetto, I went to speak with club chiefs and asked for a new contract. I did it because I told myself I’m 28 years old, my family feels great in Milan, I still have my flat there, my mother and my son could come and live there and we would all feel comfortable,” he added. “But they didn’t want to extend my contract, the possibility wasn’t there. It was tough for me to accept because in my head I told myself that I would be able to do a few more years in Milan.”

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