Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel was left fuming at the referee decisions that cost his side a win against Brighton in the Premier League. He believes that it is stupid to think that his side can keep pace with Manchester City after a number of injuries and Covid cases. Danny Welbeck headed in the equalizer for Brighton in stoppage time after Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring in the first half. Chelsea lost two more players in the form of Reece James and Andreas Christensen due to injury.

“Honestly, I would never normally say it, but we have a 100 percent penalty against Christian Pulisic and we have a 50-50 challenge from Mason Mount right before the equalizer when the ball is going into the net,” Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel said. “Why does the referee even need to whistle before the ball is over the line? We have VAR to check. Why can we not wait and then check it, and then if he decides it’s a foul, decide it then? Is he so sure? Or does he want to keep the tension up? And the penalty is a joke. It’s honestly a joke from VAR not to interfere.”

“We knew before that this was going to be a tough match against a strong side,” he added. “They come well prepared. It’s always like this. I have not seen one team play a nice match against them, so it was clear we would struggle. We simply have way too many players of whom we don’t know what we can demand. They come from long injuries, they come from Covid. I simply don’t know what they are capable of doing.”

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