Uefa has announced that the medical team credited with saving the life of Christian Eriksen along with Denmark captain Simon Kjaer will receive the 2021 UEFA President’s Award. Aleksander Ceferin, Uefa president described the people that helped save Eriksen’s life as the true heroes of 2020. They rushed to the aid of the midfielder in their first home game against Finland. He was resuscitated on the pitch and then rushed to the hospital for further treatment.

“I would like to thank Morten [Skjoldager], Morten [Boesen], and the medical team who helped in Parken on 12 June. You did a fantastic job and saved my life.” Eriksen said. “Also a big thanks to my friend and captain Simon and my teammates in the Danish team for your support, both on 12 June and afterward. Thanks to all the fans who have sent messages to me and my family. It means a lot and has given us strength and support. Thank you.”

“This year, the President’s Award transcends football. It serves as an important and eternal reminder of just how precious life is and puts everything in our lives into the clearest perspective.” Uefa president Aleksandr Ceferin said about the Christian Eriksen incident. “I would also like to send my very best wishes to Christian Eriksen and his family as he continues his recovery.”

“We rushed to the field to help [Christian] and to do our job,” said Mogens Kreutzfeldt, chief medical officer for Euro 2020. “We did what we should, what we were taught, what we were trained to do. Everybody knew their role, everybody knew what to do. We were not emotional at the scene. Afterward, we were, of course, like everybody. We’re very happy and proud of the outcome.”

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