Barça and Manchester City are active in advanced negotiations about an arrangement that could add Nelson Semedo to the English club. Pep Guardiola’s side needs the right-back and has put on the table various formulae.

City are prepared to include Joao Cancelo in the contract, but they will also pay Barça a top-up fee because Semedo’s market value is higher. It’s possible an agreement will be reached in the weeks to come.

City proposed Cancelo and cashback to Barcelona

Barça has given Semedo’s manager, Jorge Mendes, the green light to negotiate the departure of the players. The team needs €45 m but is open to a swap deal.

Talks over a renewal have recently ended and Semedo, whose contract expires in 2022, will have to switch this summer to prevent its price from dropping further.

Last year Semedo tried to leave but Barça had fought to hold him, promising him regular football. The city was one of the teams that needed him, along with Atletico Madrid, but the Catalans didn’t want to listen to offers.

Starting with Mendes offering Semedo around, City has led the way. They think he can easily adjust to the Premier League. It is vital that they have Cancelo in the deal, for whom they paid Juventus 40 million. In England he is not going out.

At first Barça wanted cash but Cancelo’s chances now are small. The Spanish champions review the new bid from City and sources close to the talks say a contract is getting closer.


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