Over the past 30 years, Josep Guardiola has been a teammate and mentor of the best footballers in the world, and it’s incredibly fascinating to hear which of them he will sing out as best or favorite.

He was shocked to learn that his favorite attackers were the legendary and Peruvian veteran Claudio Pizarro. Guardiola took him to Munich when he was already 35, but that didn’t make his perception of him any worse.

Quite the opposite: “Oh, Claudio, dear Claudio … I’ve always told him how I wish I had him at my fingertips when he was around 25 years old. He’s one of the best scorers and executors I’ve ever seen. He’s not the kind of goal scorer who’s just waiting for the ball in front of the target. He reminds me of Benzema, with his qualities. Moreover, he is an incredible human being. We had a phenomenal friendship,” Pep Guardiola selects favorite striker.

Pizarro is a Bundesliga character. He lived more than half his life in Germany. He left Bayern’s deepest mark (327 games and 125 goals), for which he played nine times on two occasions, and Werder (319 games and 153 goals), where he came two years ago for the fourth time and where he has a total of 10 years.

He is the most productive foreigner in the history of the Bundesliga, the best scorer ever for Werder, and the oldest footballer to score in the German championship.


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