Conor McGregor, a UFC legend, has reiterated his intention to purchase Manchester United from the Glazer owners.

Frustrated supporters have regularly begged the hated Glazers to sell the club. With several demonstrations taking place in the aftermath of United’s planned Super League participation.

McGregor Tweets About Purchasing Manchester United:

Shortly after the Super League launch, McGregor sparked a frenzy among United fans by admitting on Twitter that he was considering purchasing the club (as if it were that simple), and he used a recent Q&A to discuss his future ownership.

He wrote, “I am interested in acquiring a sports team at some stage! Celtic and Manchester United are two teams that I support. Yet I’m willing to listen. I believe I will make a significant contribution to a club.”

Yes, two teams that are very close in terms of price.

There are a lot of people who want United, but having the money to make a contract is a different story.

The Glazers are said to be uninterested in selling and would claim £4 billion to even consider leaving Old Trafford.

With a net worth of ‘only’ £34 million (according to Forbes in 2020), McGregor will have some work to do to come up with the remaining £3.966 billion needed to make a bid.

McGregor did announce, though, that he had held negotiations with Celtic majority owner Dermot Desmond. The negotiation was over purchasing any of the Scottish club’s shares. Desmond had invested in Celtic in the 1990s. He already owned some United shares before the Glazers arrived at Old Trafford.

The Glazers continue to prepare for the future at United. Club co-chairman Joel writing to fans recently to try and alleviate conflicts between the American businessmen and United backers.

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