In an interview with El País, the Argentine star talked about the mark that coronavirus has created worldwide, and not just in sports.
Leo Messi interacted once again. In an interview with El País, FC Barcelona’s No.10 addressed the effect of coronavirus not just on football but also on life.

“Football, like life in general, I think that’s never going to be the same,” he said.


Football is slowly getting back to normal with the return to school. To a fresh standard. “The return to training, tournaments, and what was done regularly before would now have to start again, albeit slowly. To us and anyone who has to change their normal working conditions it will be a peculiar situation, “Messi added.

The Argentine went further: “Many people have had a very rough time because they were affected in some way by this situation, as happened to all those who lost their family and friends and could not even say goodbye to them. Nothing could be worse than losing the people you love most, which creates tremendous frustration for me and seems to be the most unfair thing of all.

And how will the world’s best football player recall that pandemic? With a sense of grief and frustration for those suffering the most from the loss of their loved ones. And also with everlasting gratitude to all the people who battled out from health centers to combat the virus.


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