Two weeks before Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois shared his thoughts about the likely resumption and completion of the season at LaLiga Santander. He is in favor of finishing the season, and feels it would be extremely unfair to him and his Real Madrid teammates if Barcelona were to win the league by default.

Real Madrid first started training in smaller groups after two months of separation today but trained staff members wear masks. La Liga remains hopeful that the rivalry would continue where it had left off before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in Europe, although there was no definite date for a restart.

Before two weeks, Thibaut Courtois had created a sensation by saying that if the season were to be canceled, it would have been unreasonable to turn the title over to Barcelona, who is currently sitting atop Primera.

“I didn’t say at all that Real Madrid had to be proclaimed champions. If the season finishes, we’re in a better place even though we lost to Betis. Though we play the remaining 11 matches then I’m sure that my team will be able to win the title,” Courtois reported in an interview with TV Espanola.

On Monday, Zinedine Zidane’s squad returned to training following the guidelines placed in place by the Spanish Government, and Courtois explained how the session was going.

He added saying that wearing gloves and a mask is mandated. The players should maintain a two meters distance from each other.

Courtois said that the training was customized training and they have to clean everything.

“It was weird, different from normal but it is better to feel the grass and to be able to practice than nothing.”

Courtois hit 50 league matches for Real Madrid in his second season at the club. In his first second he has played 27 league games and has played 23 in this term.


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