Women’s Championship team Coventry United is on the verge of being saved from liquidation just a year after they turned professional. Energy Angels chief Lewis Taylor is interested in taking over the club and is hopeful a deal can be struck before the Tuesday midnight deadline. He said he is willing to invest £200,000 to £250,000 ensuring they can finish the season at the very least.

“The deal is solely between us and the existing shareholders, so we’re not reliant on any third parties to say we can or can’t do this.” Coventry United prospective owner Lewis Taylor said. “I envisage the existing shareholders to just be happy someone else is willing to take it all on. The priority is to make sure everything is stable from tomorrow (Tuesday) and then if there’s any legal stuff that needs to happen, we can concentrate on that in the background.”

“We’re not doing this just to keep the team together this season. That’s the immediate concern, but I wouldn’t be here doing this if it was only for this season,” he added. “There’s a potential to play WSL here, which should always be the goal. We’ve had a really positive response from the squad. We will sure the situation up very quickly and get the players paid for a start and make sure we’re training on Wednesday morning. I want to reverse everything to December 22 when everything was okay and give reassurances that the players have the confidence to go and train, play and get results.”

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