One of the players who arrived on loan under Unai Emery at Arsenal was Dani Ceballos who has already started thinking about his next move, admitting that he will join a team where he will be essential in a European Championship and Olympic year.

Real Madrid is unlikely to use him in 2020/21, though it is entirely another matter whether they are selling him or looking to loan him out.

A return to his former club, Real Betis, is not entirely out of the question and it would be nice for the midfielder to come back to a familiar setting in a year that could end with him representing Spain at two tourneys.

“My ambition is to play in the European Championship and the Olympic Games and you need to find a team where you feel secure when they happen. The future is far from here, we can not foresee what’s going to happen in a month and a half. We are now concentrating on the postponed game on the 17th against Manchester City,” Ceballos explained in an interview with Canal Sur Radio.

Dani Ceballos has started talking about his next move

When pressed on the topic of a potential homecoming to Real Betis, the Spanish midfielder was not trying to hide his affection for the Los Verdiblancos.

“I’m not going to deny that my team is Betis, it’s the club I love and the one that allowed me to develop as a professional footballer. The feeling that I have for them is different from any other club that I have been at. Right now, practically, Betis has a team to be in the top six in Spain, they’ve got high-quality internationals and they’ve got to compete for European football, they’ve got a strong balance right now and we hope that’s how it will continue,” he confirmed.

Players leaving Spain for the Premier League have been very normal since 2009 and it is expected to continue even though we do not yet know about the effect on football finances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ceballos believes players should take the opportunity to play in England despite their mixed form with Arsenal if given the chance.


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