Arsenal defender David Luiz claims he’ll cut his hair if he ever goes into management, but there are a lot of his current club mates who aren’t sure he’ll carry on that pledge.

Esquire asked Luiz about what he would do if he were to go into management when marketing the latest kit for the Gunners for 2020-21.

He said: “I should put on a suit, shaving my hair. I can’t be the hair coach, nobody’s going to support me!

Lacazette replied: “Did you cut hair?

Kolasinac chipped into: “The tracksuit. I don’t believe that David would go through the haircut. He can not, David is! I think his hair will look great.’

Bellerin continued: “No way. Still, he will no longer be David Luiz. He should have been someone else.’

Luiz again won praise during his latest Arsenal outings, taking out the mistakes that were an all too familiar subject in his career.


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