West Ham manager David Moyes revealed that Kurt Zouma is available for their game against Leicester on the weekend despite a disturbing video of him kicking his cat across the kitchen emerging on social media. His cats were taken away by the RSPCA and the defender was fined two weeks’ wages of £250,000 that will be donated to animal welfare charities.

“Yes he’s available to play against Leicester. There are different views and opinions on should he be available. We as a club took that decision and I stand by that,” West Ham manager David Moyes said about Kurt Zouma. “I don’t think the club could take more action or any quicker. West Ham has fined him the maximum wages. We all accept the actions are terrible and diabolical, but we’ve chosen to play him and we stand by that.”

“We are so disappointed it is completely out of character from Kurt. He is a really good lad we are going to get him some help and try to give him as much help as we can,” he added. “Like drink-driving offenses, most people have to go to classes and the RSPCA is going to provide him with classes to understand about animals and how to treat them. We will do everything we can to make sure Kurt is looking into it, getting better, and understanding it. The incident is terrible, we all totally agree with that. There was nobody in this football club who doesn’t agree with that.”

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