The president of the International Football Federation’s (FIFA) medical committee, Michel D’Hooghe, keeps his opinion about the Project Restart stating that soccer tournaments cannot start before September 1.

“The world is not ready for the football competition. I hope that it will improve very rapidly and I truly hope so. Today we need more courage,” D’Hooghe said in an interview with Telegraph.

“This is the most dramatic situation that we have encountered since the Second World War. We must not underestimate it, we must be rational, it is not about wealth, it is about life and death,” he added.

The German Bundesliga is considering returning to the pitch early in May, though they think the season will start in June in England. D’Hooghe isn’t of that opinion though.

“Football is only possible if contact is allowed, so preventing touch is one of the most important factors in this outbreak. When one of the players is detected with the virus, the entire group will be quarantined. Is this the solution to the normal competition? The disease spreads when you are close to someone who has COVID-19, or touching a contaminated surface and then your eyes, nose, or mouth, you may become infected by breathing in the virus.

FIFA Medical Commission Head claims that the football community needs to be careful, listen to national authorities, and follow clear rules of health.

“Just because the balls can be sterilized doesn’t mean we can play football again. We don’t know when the virus will peak in various countries, each nation will be different.

To all the above talks, “D’Hooghe concluded that the solution will be when we come across a vaccine for this grave virus.


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