Georgelena Cardoso, wife of Angel de Maria, Paris Saint-Germain player, described life in England as “suspicious” at a time when her character and husband acknowledged the “mercenaries” as fans of Real Madrid called it.

De Maria’s wife spoke about her memories of the Spanish newspaper “AS” when her husband transferred from Real Madrid to the ranks of Manchester United in the summer of 2014 in a contract worth 75 million euros.

His wife shared the story of his joining the “Red Devils” and she said: “Angel came to me one day and shared me there was a Manchester deal that we should take and there would be a little better security conditions.” But she wasn’t happy with the offer and confirmed that she had warned him not to go alone and she said: “The Spaniards called us mercenaries … and they were right!

“I said no way and warned him that he was going alone.”He responded, ‘Yes, we’re going.'”There was a lot of money and the Spanish came out to call us mercenaries.”And yes, we were.”If you’re working in a business and the competitor comes to tell you they’re paying double, you’re going to hide”, said Angels’ wife.

The experience of the Argentine international in England was very miserable and he didn’t deliver the expected performance so he would leave the French capital club a year later.

As for life in England, Cardoso described the environment in a horrible way: “I didn’t want to go to Manchester because I was a friend of Maradona’s father, who at the time was Sergio Aguero’s wife (Manchester City star), and I visited them and then said I’m not going to go there.”

Georgelena added saying that “I didn’t like anything there, the food is disgusting as well.”

It is worth noting that Di Maria has played in Saint-Germain since 2015, and he always mentions his experience there that it was his worst move in his football career.


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